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Classic Road bikes from probably the finest craftsmen of all time. Italian classics from Colnago and Alan as well as other beautiful pieces of cycling art.


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Classic Steel Bicycles


Keeping you updated on our interest in vintage steel Road bikes and associated projects, thoughts and discussions

By Classic Steel Bicycles, Apr 16 2016 11:25AM

Colnago Elegant with Columbus EL OS (oversized tubing) started life with a terrible paint job in a rather un flattering white. The frame was shot blasted and then painted in tribute colours to the Molteni era.

The bike has been built up with a modern Dura Ace groupset and Mavic R-Sys wheelset. 130mm rear spoacing made for an easy transition to modern componentry. Still to change the stem set up which is currently a quill converter but the modern stem produces a too bulky appearance to the cockpit. Cinelli quill and Deda bars coming soon.

By Classic Steel Bicycles, Feb 7 2016 08:22PM

Not of course steel however Alan's history with Colnago surely qualifies them for a place on the site. Full Campagnolo C-Record build with Delta Brakes. Campagnolo NOS Omega rims laced to record hubs. Simply stunning! More photos and coming to the bikes page soon.

By Classic Steel Bicycles, Feb 7 2016 08:12PM

Happy with the Colnago Nuovo Mexico build the Classic Steel Bicycles Mexico received a couple of pantographed upgrades. Namely a stem and Campagnolo Super Record Chainring. Along with a fresh wrap of handlebar tape and some new cables the project is finally finished. Very happy with the results.

By Classic Steel Bicycles, Dec 9 2015 12:37PM

Check out Classic Steel Bicycles "The Bikes' page to see more of the latest addition to the collection, a Colnago Master finished in the AD10 paint scheme and with Shimano Dura Ace fitted. This is a near mint example in our favourite colour so please take a look to see more.

By Classic Steel Bicycles, Nov 29 2015 10:09PM

Classic Steel Bicycles Eddy Merckx 1987 Professional finally gets gears. An Athena drivetrain paired with Campanolo Record Syncro II shifters change it from a single speed into a 'proper' vintage road bike.

The syncro shifters currently have an 8 speed insert which doesn't play well with the 7 speed cassette but as soon as we fit the 7 spped insert things should gel nicely. The Record shifters fortunately have a friction mode option too engaged by twisting and pulling on the knurled wheel so it's not a pain to use but will be a lot easier with indexing.

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